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General Assembly of Implementers meeting

06 September 2021 - 08 September 2021

General Assembly of Implementers meeting Mon 6th Sept Session 1: Current IFC & BCF developments 11am, Update on the progress of IFC 4.3, Thomas Liebich 11:30am, Update of the Software Implementation of IFC 4.3, Peter Bonsma 12pm, BCF 3.0 (and Foundations API 1.0), Pasi Paasiala Session 2: New API & projects development 1pm, Documents API project, Georg Dangl 1:30pm, IDS developments, Robin Drogemuller 2pm, Update from the ifcJSON Development group, Dennis Shelden Tue 7th Sept Session 1: Software Certification & UCMS 11am, Using Gherkin for ‘white box’ software certification, Dion Moult 11:45am, IFC Documentation management, Thomas Krijnen 12:15pm, Use-Case Management Service update, Thomas Glättli Session 2: bSDD content overview for content providers 1pm, Update of latest data structure (and JSON input), Erik Baars 1:30pm, Launch plan overview (endorsed tools, existing domains, etc), Frédéric Grand & Léon van Berlo 2pm, Explainer: how to get your content in before launch, Frédéric Grand 2:30pm, Q&A, All Wed 8th Sept Session 1: bSDD API overview for Software vendors 11am, Update of latest status of the API, Erik Baars 11:30am, Launch plan + 'official endorsed tools', Frédéric Grand & Léon van Berlo 12pm, Overview of current content, Frédéric Grand 12:30pm, Q&A, All Session 2: Any other topics (open house) 1pm, FM Handover – Equipment Maintenance - Technical Update, Bill East 1.30pm, Ravi Peters - PDT with bSDD demo, Ravi Peters 2pm, open 2:30pm, open Time Sep 6, 2021 01:00 PM Sep 7, 2021 01:00 PM Sep 8, 2021 01:00 PM


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